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Timberland NYSE: TBL (or more informally Tims) is a trademark for a number of lines of outdoors wear, primarily boots, manufactured by The Timberland Company. Although their boots are designed for hiking and mountain climbing, they are popular as a primary element of hip hop fashion, originating from their popularity with African-American youths in New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut areas. The Timberland Company also has many items for sale in the apparel market including watches, leather goods, eyeware and other goods. Community Involvement In addition, The Timberland Company values its strong connection to the community, through its sponsorship of City Year (a program labeled as an “urban Peace Corps” striving to unite people of varied backgrounds) and its participation in the Path of Service program. Today, Jeffrey Swartz heads The Timberland Company with the same emphasis on social responsibility and quality products that his grandfather Nathan strived for decades ago. Although Timberland is a publicly traded company, the Swartz family holds approximately 47% of the stock and 81% of the voting power.

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