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Phat Farm

Phat Farm. Led by the vision of Russell Simmons, the founder of the modern day hip-hop movement, Phat Fashions has developed into a symbol of contemporary American culture – a mixture of the hip-hop culture of the streets and the preppy culture of the Ivy League. From its beginnings a decade past, Phat Fashions has remained at the forefront of hip-hop culture as it has grown from a small niche, to a mainstream phenomenon, more pervasive, powerful, and relevant than any cultural movement since rock in the 1950’s. As they celebrate Phat Fashions 12th anniversary, they stay committed to the cultural principles that have taken them from one small New York City showroom to a multi-million dollar business. Phat Fashions began out of Russell Simmons’ vision for a clothing line that represented the forward thinking, multi-ethnic youth that was rapidly becoming mainstream. Phat Fashions aimed to create a clothing line that was a first in the industry – high quality sportswear with street credibility. Key to Phat Fashions’ success is the brands commitment to quality, innovation in design, and support of the retail trade through strategic marketing and advertising. For the consumer, Phat Fashions delivers a universal message that breaks stereotypes and ethnic boundaries – setting the new standard in sportswear and establishes the company as the complete American lifestyle brand.

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