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Super Lovers

Super Lovers is a Japanese street fashion label founded in 1988 by designer and company president Yasuharu Tanaka. Inspired by Tanakas clubbing experiences while residing in London, an Idea was sparked when she noticed how the word "love" often featured in the names of underground rave parties and on the crude literature that advertised them. This elusive and ultra cool fashion label has been compared to other exclusive Japanese brands and has been referred to as “a female version of Nigo’s A Bathing Ape”. Relying on word of mouth and in keeping with the underground popularity of the brand, each season’s collection is in stores only as long as it takes for alert Superlovers aficionados to snap it up.
Comprising bright and distinctive colours, bold imagery and large prints, the range usually includes t-shirts,
track tops, hooded tops and various high quality accessories/timepieces. Bold fonts and various repeated and recognised designs feature throughout and the range takes in hearts, character designs such as Ken and Merry (the Lovers House range) and the Jolly Roger design found on the Lovers Rock offshoot.

The label is geared towards young people who enjoy music and street fashion, prominently for those who attend rave parties and clubs. Tanaka quotes the style as "genderless", "ageless", and "without boundaries", hence its popularity among young Japanese people, both male and female. Western attitudes seem to put Superlovers clothing squarely in the category of female attire and a recent shout out by Superlovers fan Gwen Stefani on her album track “Harajuku Girls “ has made American ladies sit up and take notice.

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